About The Owner

My name is Sha’ron Harris, I am the CEO and owner of Vitajize Inc. My passion has always been to live my best life and help others do the same! I have been fortunate to gain a wealth of knowledge over the past 20 years in the Health/Wellness field.

Vitamins and supplements are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I made it my mission to develop my very own products that are not your typical multivitamins.

Like many of you, I have battled with obesity all of my life. I was looking for a multivitamin that would motivate me to maintain my ideal exercise routine. Most multivitamins have a lot of standard ingredients, but lack vitamin B complexes which are needed to get the most out of your daily exercise routine. I tried so many different supplements, but none of them gave me great results.

That’s when I came up with “Vitajize MEGA Multivitamins”.

Vitajize is specially formulated to include those vitamin B complexes. It is all natural and made with no gelatin, no gluten, no wheat, and no soy. I am so proud that Vitajize includes the fundamental vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly!

Daily use of Vitajize will help you to see and feel a positive difference in your energy, mood, and metabolism. In addition, it is designed for every gender and age group over 15.

I’m very happy to announce that Vitajize is now available and I am confident that it will become a staple in your daily routine!